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Prof. Nirmal Kumar Sahoo

Prof. Nirmal Kumar Sahoo

Designation Assistant Professor & Teacher-in-Charge
Department Political Science
Date of Joining 27/01/2005
Phone No. +91 9434581802
Address Vill & P.O.- Khayrasole (1st Floor of UCO Bank), Dist-Birbhum, PIN-731125
Email Id nirmalsahoo074@gmail.com
Academics Qualification M.A., M.Phil., NET

Paper Presented

Sl.No Title of the Paper Presented Title of the Seminar Organised by Level of Seminar Date & Year
01 Women & Politics in India 11th Annual Conference of WBPSA West Bengal Political Science Association, Kolkata State 5-6 Sept.,  2009
02 Human Rights & Indian Constitution Human Rights Education:Human Rights in the Globalizing World Bhupendra Nath Dutta Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan National 26-27Mar., 2010
03 Steps in Social Research: A Philosophical Overview Research Methods in SocialSciences Asansol Girls’ College, Asansol National 2-3 Feb., 2011
04 Women’s Upliftment through Education: An Overview in Odisha Women Empowerment through Higher Education in Odisha Joda Women’s College, Joda, Odisha State 23-24Dec., 2011
05 B.R. Ambedkar & His Vision of Ideal Society Relevance of B.R. Ambedkar in ModernTimes:

A Feminist Vista

S.F.S. Mahavidyalaya, Khayrasole National 21-22 Jan.,2012
06 Impact of Globalization on Indian Society Globalization: Its Implication and Impact on Contemporary Society Birbhum Mahavidyalaya, Birbhum National 26-27Mar., 2012
07 Role of Women in Indian Freedom Struggle Women Power in Colonial India S.N. College, Rajkanika, Odisha National 10-11May., 2012
08 Democratic Decentrali- zation in India: An Analysis of PRIs Political Economy of Rural Development: The Indian Experience P.K.H.N. Mahavidyalaya, Howrah State 7-8 Aug., 2012
09 Women’s Rights & Gender Justice: An Indian Scenario Education for Humanism: Issues & Challenges Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, Bonga State 28 Sept., 2012
10 Swamiji & His Ideal of Universal Religion Swami Vivekananda: Relevance of His Thoughts in the Present Era Rampurhat College, Rampurhat National 3-4 Sept., 2013
11 Tagore’s Concept of Nation & Nationalism

: An Indian


Nana Ranger Rabindranath Hiralal Bhagat College, Nalhati National 24-25 Sept., 2013
12 Empowerment of Women & Indian Constitution India’s Constitutional Development since 1950’s: Its Socio-political and Economic Dimensions Dewan Abdul Gani College, Harirampur National 10-11 Sept., 2014
13 Towards Democratic Decentralization-A Constitutional Analysis Villages in Transitition: Experience Since the Nineties Pandaveswar College, Pandaveswar National 11 Nov., 2014
14 Gender Discrimination & Indian Constitution The Concept of Others Pandaveswar College, Pandaveswar National 14-15Nov., 2014
15 Environment & Develpoment: An Indian Approach Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development: Indian Perspectives Chandidas Mahavidyalaya, Khujutipara National 25-26Mar., 2015
16 Democracy & Development: An Indian Experience Development and Politics in India Chandidas Mahavidyalaya, Khujutipara National 27-28Mar., 2015
17 Environment & Sustainable Devt.: An Indian Context Emerging Issues in Inter & Intra-disciplinary Studies: An Indian Perspective Suri Vidyasagar College, Suri National 4-5 Mar., 2016
18 Gender Inequality in India: Need for Gender Justice Challenges to Sustainable Development in Rural India: Education, Inequality &Women Empowerment Krishna Chandra College, Hetampur National 22-23 Nov., 2016
19 Challenges & DimensionsTerrorism: An Indian Context The BCIM Initiative and India’s Act East Policy: A Reality Check Kolkata Society for Asian Studies, Kolkata International 12-13 Jan., 2017
20 Women and Development: An Indian Approach Women, Politics and Development in India: Issues, Challenges & Prospects Sambhu Nath College, Labpur National 27-28 Jan., 2017
21 Environment and Women: An Indian Retrospection Geo-historical Perception in Society S.F.S. Mahavidyalaya, Khayrasole National 7-8 Feb., 2017
22 Gandhi and Ambedkar : A Comparison between their Socio-political Thought Bhimrao Ambedkar: Indian Society & Indian Politics Saltora Netaji Centenary College, Saltora National 14-15 Feb., 2017
23 Terrorism, Human Rights and Globalization Terrorism and Human Rights in the Globalizing World: Experience in Indian Context S.F.S. Mahavidyalaya, Khayrasole National 22-23 Feb., 2017
24 Impact of Economic Development on Environment: An Indian Context Economic Development, Environment and Backward Communities in New Era Abhedananda Mahavidyalaya, Sainthia National 4-5 Mar., 2017
25 B.R. Ambedkar and Indian Society Relevance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Vision and Mission: Present Scenario Abhedananda Mahavidyalaya, Sainthia National 10-11 Mar., 2017
26 Changing Role of Women in India: A Constitutional Analysis Women and Development Dept. of Lifelong Learning & Extension, Visva- Bharati University National 17-18 Mar., 2017
27 Technology and Development: An Indian Case Financial Inclusion in India Chandidas Mahavidyalaya, Khujutipara National 6-7 Apr., 2017
28 Tagore and Education: Creativity & Innovation Rabindranath Tagore’s Thoughts on Education and Library Dept. of Education, JadavpurUniversity International 17-18 Apr., 2017
29 Social Reforms in India: Role of Rammohan Roy 19th Century: Society, Education and Literature Dept. of Education, JadavpurUniversity International 9-10 Aug., 2017
30 Development of Backward Classes in West Bengal: Role of Education Society, Education and Literature of the Backward Classes of West Bengal Dept. of Education, JadavpurUniversity International 14-15 Sept., 2017
31 Sister Nivedita – A Beacon for Freedom Struggle 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita: The Then Perspectives and the Present Perspectives in India, a Comparison Dept. of Education, JadavpurUniversity International 27-28 Oct., 2017
32 IQAC- A Milestone in maintaining Quality in context of Higher Educational Instutions Higher Education in the Present Context: Role of Library and Teaching Aids Netaji Subhas Open University, Salt Lake International 30-31 Mar., 2018
33 Civil Society and the Process of Democratization in India Trends and Challenges in Indian Polity since 1990s Kazi Nazrul Islam Mahavidyalaya, Churulia National 12 Apr., 2017
34 Rural Politics in India:   An Analysis of PRIs Rural Development in India : Contemporary Reflection Centre for Studies in Decentralization and Rural Reconstruction, Rabindrabharati University International 26-27 Apr., 2017

Papers/Books Published

Sl. No. Title of the Paper/Chapter with Page No. Name of the Book/Journal Name of the Publisher & Place ISSN/ISBN No. Whether Peer reviewed, Impact factor if any No. of Co-author, if any Date & Year of Pub.
01 Human Rights in the Globalizing World, 65-74 Human Rights & Moral Values: An Approach Readers Service, Kolkata 978-81-87891-51-2 No Nil 2011
02 B.R.Ambedkar & His Vision of Ideal

Society: A Feminist Vista, 88-90

Periodic Research Social Research Foundation, Kanpur 2231-0045 No Nil May,2013
03 Status of Women in India: A Constitutional Analysis,     266-270 Asian Resonance Social Research Foundation, Kanpur 0976-8602 No Nil Oct.,2013
04 Democratic Decentralization and Women’s Political Empowerment, 125-134 Development and Decentralization – The West Bengal Experience Progressive Publishers, Kolkata 978-81-923979-7-9 No Tuhin Kr. Das Oct.,2013
05 Swamiji and His Ideal of Universal Religion, 128-134 Prasngo: Vivekananda Book Centre, Santiniketan 978-81-921612-3-5 No Nil 25thDec., 2013
06 Women’s Rights and Gender Justice: An Indian Scenario, 109-117 Education for Humanism: Issues and Challenges Ekushe, Kolkata 978-81-924889-2-9 No Nil 1st Jan., 2014
07 Globalization and Technology: An Economic Analysis, 47-51 Shrinkhala Social Research Foundation, Kanpur 2349-980X No Nil Oct.,2014
08 R,N, Tagore’s Concepts of Nation and Nationalism: An Indian Retrospection, 258-263 Nana Ranger Rabindranath Sahitya Sangi, Kolkata 978-93-82045-90-8 No Nil 10th Dec., 2014
09 Empowerment of Women and Indian Constitution: An Overview of Odisha, 203-213 India’s Constitutional Development since 1950’s: Its Socio-political and Economic Dimensions New Academic Publishers, New Delhi 978-81-86772-80-5 No Nil 2015
10 Towards Democratic Decentralization: An Analysis of PRIs,25-40 Villages in Transition: Experiences since the Nineties Readers Service, Kolkata 978-93-82623-68-7 No Nil 2015
11 Question of Women’s Position in India: From History to Constitution, 78-91 Studies in Feminism Partridge, Kolkata 978-1-4828-7188-3 No Tuhin Kr. Das 2016
12 Bharater Para Rastra Nitir  Sangya, Udeshya O Baishistya,187-192 Antojartik Sampark Avenel Press, Kolkata 978-93-80736-48-8 No Nil Nov.,2016
13 Bhatar O tar Paramanabik Niti,193-198 Antojartik Sampark Avenel Press, Kolkata 978-93-80736-48-8 No Nil Nov.,2016
14 Gender Inequality in India: Need for GenderJustice, 149-159 Sustainable Development Ashadeep, Kolkata 978-93-81245-92-7 No Nil June,2017
15 Globalization & Economic Development: An Indian Case,87-93 Financial Inclusion in India Elegant Publications, Kolkata 978=93-83360-41-3 No Nil June, 2017
16 Terrorism, Human Rights &Globalization : An Indian Inquiry, 56-70 Terrorism and Human Rights in the Globalizing World: Experience in Indian Context New Academic Publishers, New Delhi 978-81-86772-94-2 No Nil July,2017
17 N.A. Terrorism and Human Rights in the Globalizing World: Experience in Indian Context (Edited Volume) New Academic Publishers, New Delhi 978-81-86772-94-2 No Nil July,2017
18 Environment and Women: An Indian Retrospection, 199-210 Geo-historical Perception of Environment in Society Foundation of Practising Geographers, Kolkata 978-81-930691-2-7 No Nil Aug.,2017