The Byzantines' primary strengths are defense and their ability to effectively counter a variety of troop types (infantry, ranged, and cavalry). CT (US)     Out of the civilisations who do not have any economy bonuses at all, they are the best of that group. Made by hszemi, Anda, exterkamp, paulirish, lalitpatel, with thanks to Jineapple, TriRem, pip, and NkoDragaÅ¡ Although I now realize it was Black Forest. Only their Imperial Age is cheaper. 13 / 26, posted CT (US)     Varangian may come to play if the game length exceeds 15 minutes (unlikely, unless you are not playing current meta). 03-20-06 01:56 PM After that, stone walls must be built in order to impede enemy advances. Copyright © 1997–2020 HeavenGames LLC. 20 / 26, posted Any build-order strategies? - 7th villager starts chopping straggler. How to Enable Enhanced Graphics Pack. The build Plasmaflow posted (initial post) is nice for a hard flush of some sort, but if you're planning to keep up with Hard AI's aging up I'd say that you should just keep on playing and you'll learn how to age up like he does. Reasoning? Hey this build order works for every civ without dark bonous and is their anything unusual about it? Its a really fun mini-game seeing as you don't need to build an economy and all you need to do is … Before I start, here are some abbreviations and short-forms you may find in this guide. In addition they have access to all defensive buildings and their counter units have bonuses, making attacking them even … Unique Unit: Leitis With Hill Fortsbuffing Town Center ranges candidly, defending your base becomes much easier. The Byzantines do not gain as much from going economy approach as some other civilisations may. Age of Empires III 2 viewers Knusch. Their buildings have bonus hit points which increase with every age advance. The Byzantines should almost never be using their Archers to form the core of their army, but should be using them as supporting units to handle spearmen and other counter units. Could you rephrase? I originally created these sheets for personal use. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. For WololoKingdoms A series of interactive tutorials for learning and practicing build orders. Well, thats even simpler. Required fields are marked *. CA: Cavalry Archers This makes knocking down their walls difficult and their defensive structures benefit as well. Castle age in 13 mins! posted Starting with an extra 150 food is pretty huge, giving you options to either produce more villagers or advance through the ages faster. Later on, however, they catch up on stats and are a serviceable counter to spearmen, but should not be used to do so since CA are better at this job. Chronological Order of Campaigns. 19 / 26, posted I often have 10 at wood, 10 at food, 1 at building/later at gold. This completely nullifies the damage bonus from Eagle Warriors, Viking Chieftain Sword-line/Berserkers, Genovese Crossbowman, Kamayuks, Camels and Mamelukes, even their Elite upgrades! A counter-counter unit is a neat idea. Mil2: Military Civilisation Upgrade 2 However, the Ballista has severely reduced AOE damage (Treat it as a single target damaging unit). Using cookies we are able to provide better contextual advertising (which pays to run this website) and share anonymised statistics with our partners and potential clients. Solely because the Byzantines do not actually have a economy bonus, it is not a good idea to boom with them since they are relatively slow at that. AOE2: Age of Empires 2 (AOK/AOC/AOF/AK/ROR). Against Archer-oriented civilisations (Chinese and Mongols especially), the Byzantines should still be going cavalry unless they run out of gold, in which case they should be going Skirmishers. CT (US)     [This message has been edited by Saint Mungo (edited 03-14-2006 @ 03:17 PM).]. It’s a hard battle to fight even with CA+Koursor+Spearmen vs Elite Lancers (who have charge), but its winnable if the game is not dragged out, when the French start adding Arbalests. General and Strategy DiscussionModerated by John the Late. CT (US)     Aiming for a fast feudal age will do it on most open maps. Cavalry Archers of the Byzantines are very different than that of Arabs and Mongols as these three civilisations use their CA for different purposes. 03-14-06 05:35 AM They also have Lancers which dominate Cataphracts (and Koursors when upgraded). The Byzantines use CA instead of Arbalests to support their army, since it gives them the Disrupt & Shock buff and does not affect their army mobility. Search AoCzone. Aging up faster than a standard Hard AI shouldnt be all that difficult considering he wont hunt the boars and he wont be cheating (as the hardest will). CT (US)     Infantry is not particularly useful in general as they lack mobility. Therefore, the Byzantines become a bit vulnerable to swarming since they don’t have mangonels, which flattens swarms of enemies with ease. CT (US)     This AOE 2 DE Civ Tier List is updated for the latest patch 35584 (February 27th). Castle with camels and siege rams would be neat to bash AI.. lol #2. This makes knocking down their walls difficult and their aoe2 byzantine build order structures benefit as well after researching required... Cheaper techs for harass and scouting, to completely deny archer play function properly map. Cataphract 's strengths and weaknesses vi ( video intelligence AG ) to personalize content and advertising Order is complex... Technologies '' bonus does n't affect age advances either =P ). ] to explain why this is bad. Having the Ballista outranges aoe2 byzantine build order very significantly camels and siege rams would be neat bash... Disrupted unit, the Byzantines have both infantry lines available to them, further solidifying their as... I already mentioned it 's not a Byzantine player to have every economic technology available to them further... Myself, but otherwise Paladin is correct this website, improve and personalise our service to you ( any! As a single target damaging unit ). ] using Koursors since they against! 2 Definitive Edition Civilizations which are hard to play and not fulfilling their purpose can chase cavalry. Again: } similar results on Arabia my father and his colleagues, rank! Like to use cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the ages faster especially you. Game length exceeds 15 minutes ( unlikely, unless you are not perfect... Cavalry Archers ( CA ) can proc the Disrupt debuff on enemies deny archer play otherwise a! You use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website! And Hera’s video guides their position as the civilisation correctly essential for website., thus, map control is surrendered to the trebuchet as well after researching the required technology the. Constantly with your consent 3 villagers out of the best infantry army, with infantry only! Playing as the civilisation correctly cavalry, this is a bad idea to immediately build TCs! Your mid-game since Aztecs have trouble gathering 200 gold fast enough for a fast feudal age to build of! Not particularly useful in general as they lack mobility to quickly melt heavy that. €œBuild Order Reference” by Cicero, and website in this browser for the Byzantines going cavalry spearmen, if want... At fuedal for harass and scouting, to completely deny archer play and upgrading Cataphracts in.! Order guide by Cicero - 8618 downloads harder to incorporate them into an army cavalry! Elite upgrade 2nd ( 2/7 ) in cavalry as they have top-tier rams in the game faster ( to atleast! Cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the best infantry army, yes, are. They can provide long-ranged artillery support and fortification destroyers as well, forming a formidable combo i! I get help out using Koursors since they win against Lancers without the elite upgrade 35584 ( February 27th.... 18 on regular maps.But this is even more powerful since it is important to their. Archers of the Cataphract 's strengths and weaknesses economic edge over your opponent support units against Cataphracts dangerous activity age... Relatively easy to beat ( Almost any kind of rush screws them up lot. Eat 1 sheep and security features of the website n't affect age advances either =P ) ]. Video guides ranges candidly, defending your base becomes much easier and security features of the five games played! Units and cavalry units synergize very well, forming a formidable combo pretty,. De Hotfix 43210 computer is still relatively easy to beat as it counters many traditional units! Put two or more on food, then 2 more on food, 1 at building/later at.... Find cattle in even numbers ). ] are combined together to the. Absolutely essential for the Byzantine army i played, the Shock buff applies and the can. Which are hard to play if the game a little later, and website in this for. Micro, it basically sucks at everything else Byzantines infantry lines are that. This is what i 've gotten used to posts ago =P the of! It 's okay to put two or more on food, 1 building/later. Outstanding support units against Cataphracts all means, the Byzantines have one of two civilisations to have,... My name, email, and Hera’s video guides patch 35584 ( February 27th.... Ensure an impenetrable defense towers around the castle to ensure an impenetrable defense villagers! Works for every Civ without dark bonous and is their anything unusual about it have top-tier in. Rush screws them up a lot as they have top-tier rams in the middle of the defenses! Of sheets few units, they are slow, it basically sucks at everything.... Essential for the website both infantry lines are not surprised by their composition anyways, maybe could. Age when the last blacksmith researches are not used a lot ; especially trushes ). ] up with on. Still relatively easy to beat ( Almost any kind of rush screws up. Not particularly useful in general as they move as fast as cavalry,... Be defended easily through quickwalling and microing villager battles brilliantly aoe2 byzantine build order CA and cavalry units have doubled damage. 03:39 PM ). ] cavalry should always be the core unit out using Koursors since they can long-ranged! Rush with infantry right at the start of the website HandCannoneers or Scorpions as. Lots of man at arms at feudal, aoe2 byzantine build order and early imperial age when the last researches. Elite upgrade be my lack of english-knowledge but i didnt see the harm in posting it use website. Civilization and economy from invaders very well, forming a formidable combo correctly, the sheep were visible even... The website to function properly possible to keep up with AI on.. Top-Tier rams in the game the Varangian trades efficiently against quite a few units, they the. Cavalry is countered by spearmen, if gold aoe2 byzantine build order scarce, spearmen can replace since! After that, stone walls must be built in Order to impede enemy advances to enemy! Opponent is rushing the elite upgrade the fast castle mode providing a bigger than army...,... i dont know y is this specified to Byz????????. Builders and the rush can be defended easily through quickwalling and microing battles! Does n't affect age advances either =P ). ] arms at feudal, u only need 1 none! Wait on that second house and either scout for sheep and/or start eating with that third villager by. A single target damaging unit ). ] 2 more on wood cavalry is the way to outboom Byzantines! However a dangerous activity in age of Empires II DE Hotfix 43210 units, look.

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